Ayurvedic Dry Body Brush

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Vegan and sustainably-made, this luxurious Walnut wood and Cactus fibre body brush is used for the ancient Ayurvedic ritual of Garshana (dry body brushing). Dry body brushing is a form of massage that softens and gently exfoliates skin, detoxifies the body and stimulates lymphatic drainage. This natural (& vegan!) fibre-bristled brush also enhances blood circulation and helps to reduce the formation and appearance of cellulite. A practice used for thousands of years, daily dry brushing releases your body’s natural health and inner glow.

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Before showering or bathing, and on dry skin, start at your feet (i.e. your roots) and work smoothly, brushing your body with rhythmic, sweeping motions. Move towards the direction of your heart to stimulate bloodflow and enhance micro-circulation. Use circular strokes on the stomach and joints and longer, sweeping strokes on the arms and legs.

Walnut wood (sustainably sourced), natural Sisal Cactus fibre bristles – and packed in plastic-free biodegradable outer packaging

Dry Brushing FAQs

Do Body Brushes Actually Work?

Dry brushing is a centuries-old beauty ritual originating from India, the whole practice has been around for well over 5,000 years. This means that dry brushes have a tad more validity than other buzzy trending products like, say, pore vacuums do, thanks to the fact that the practice has endured the test of time. So, for glowing, radiant skin, we recommend our body brush to get rid of dry, dull skin, to give your immune system and lymph nodes a boost by stimulating blood flow as well as helping to reduce cellulite.

Does Dry Body Brushing Remove Dead Skin Cells?

Yes, dry body brushing is a great way to exfoliate without using scrubs. With microbeads banned for good, body scrubs have turned to other exfoliants to slough away dead skin. But for many people with sensitive skin. As we grow older, our skin becomes less efficient at shedding layers of dead skin cells and so dry body brushing is a superb technique to stimulate exfoliation of dead skin cells.

Can I Use My Body Brush In The Shower?

You won’t get the full benefits of dry brushing if you do it in the shower, as hot water can dry out your skin and exfoliation won’t be as effective. You’ll need a brush with firm, natural bristles like our Dry Body Brush, which is made from vegan cactus fibre, to slough away those dead skin cells.

What Should My Post-Dry-Brush Body Care Be?

Following our steps above, use your Body Brush regularly – every day or two should do it – and give some love to those parts that don’t usually get any. After dry brushing, hop in the shower to wash away dead skin cells with our luxurious Soothing Body Wash. Post shower, soothe your skin and replenish its moisture with our Soothing Body Lotion. Your moisturiser will work better because you will have brushed away the outermost dead skin cells.

How Do I Look After My Body Brush?

It’s not just your body that needs regular TLC, your body brush does too. After every dry brushing session, be sure to give it a quick rinse in the sink. You’ll also want to give your body brush a deeper clean with soap and water once a week and leave it somewhere suitable to dry. Clean brush, happy skin!

The Benefits of Dry Body Brushing

Dry Brushing Helps Prevent Ingrown Hairs

Alongside smooth skin, regular body brushing encourages cell turnover so that your limbs will look and feel supple, and whether you wax or shave, a quick brush is fantastic at keeping pesky, ingrown hair and clogged pores at bay. The brush’s natural bristles smooth over your skin’s surface and help reduce ingrown hairs.

Sweep Away Your Cellulite

Dry body brushing helps to mobilize and contribute to the even distribution of fat deposits under your skin – and if you stick at it and make it part of your skincare routine, it has been proven to give your limbs a much smoother, and firmer, look and feel. Even gentle brushing brings nutrient-rich freshly oxygenated blood to the skin’s surface, which gives your skin a better tone and elasticity.

Body Brushes Give Your Lymphatic System Love

Not only does dry brushing remove dead skin cells and unclog your pores, leaving your skin feeling softer and smoothera dry brushing massage applies gentle pressure to your skin said to help boost your circulation and stimulate your lymphatic system. Circular motions with your dry brush increase circulation and gentle scrubbing can help increase the overall health of your skin.

Slough Off Your Self-Tan

Your dry brush is a great way to help scrub off any lingering old fake tan, so you can speed through that dreaded patchy stage.