Dual-Cleansing Muslin Cloths

£15.00 Set of 3

From gently exfoliating away dull, dead skin cells to stimulating micro-circulation for a brighter complexion, these certified Organic dual-sided Muslin cleansing cloths will elevate your skincare routine. Use the soft and fluffy flannel face to help remove make-up and lightly cleanse, and then the finely woven muslin face for a thorough and efficient exfoliation. Made from certified 100% Organic Cotton, this trio of muslin cloths arrive packed in an Urban Veda cotton travel washbag and support your double cleansing regime through the week.

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Use the muslin alongside a facial wash and/or cleanser to effectively remove make up while mildly exfoliating skin. Use the soft textured side for a light, gentle cleanse or to smoothly wipe away the natural granules from an exfoliating polish. After cleansing, run cloth under warm water, wring out slightly, and then lightly press cloth over face to subtly steam and refine pores. Finally, rinse well after use and machine wash regularly. Washing machine friendly.

100% Certified Organic Cotton – and packed in plastic-free biodegradable outer packaging