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Welcome to the Urban Veda Wellness Community!

As an Ayurvedic brand, we love to show support to various Yoga retreats, Ayurvedic workshops or holistic courses run by our close community of ambassadors. 

Ways we show support

  • Mini goody bags to each attendee
  • Discount code available
  • Interactive Dosha questionnaire quiz
  • Support on Social Media and other marketing channels
  • Website Listing 
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Ayurveda teaches of a 360 approach...

…to health and wellbeing, harnessing and respecting the powerful properties of Mother Nature to maintain balance and promote good health. Yoga and Meditation are practiced globally, but the connection between Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation as sister subjects is less commonly known. Ayurveda prescribes Yoga for physical balance and Meditation for mental balance and when all three teachings are practiced, one can truly enjoy good health and balance in all areas of life.

Our brand recognises that there is so much more to Ayurveda than just skincare, we make Ayurveda more accessible through this one avenue. So through the Urban Veda Wellness Community we show support to people who also promote practices that encourage physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being and balance through various workshops and retreats (virtual or in person!).

Our Community

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Angie Tiwari

About Angie

Angie is an Indian yoga and meditation teacher, an educator on how to honour yoga’s roots, with a diploma in Ayurveda. She runs Tiwari Yoga and was raised with Ayurvedic rituals, the Bhagavad Gita, and yogic practices. She is very proud of her Indian roots and her dharma is to show you how you can easily incorporate these wellness practices into your life, educating on how to appreciate rather than appropriate. Angie shares tips on manifestation, journalling and Vedic meditation, and also runs workshops and courses both online and in person, as well as UK retreats. Articles about her and her own articles can be found in Women’s Health and Stylist Magazine.

Find Angie at and @tiwariyoga at Instagram.

Angie & Urban Veda:

I discovered Urban Veda when searching for Ayurvedic brands in the UK that mirrored the ones I used to buy in India. I love working with an Ayurvedic skincare brand here that I truly believe in, and also love using day in day out! The team at Urban Veda have always been so fun and kind to work with and their visions are very aligned with mine which makes it the perfect partnership!

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Cordelia Simpson

About Cordelia

Cordelia is a qualified yoga and Prãnãyãma teacher. Natural earth mother and Mumma to four, she finds true balance in life by embracing her yoga practice with open arms. She is deeply invested in her practice as a lifestyle for and her family. She has made it her mission to explore what makes us perform as individuals to our optimum, using a natural and holistic approach, so she can enhance not only hers and her families lives but also share this gift with us too!

Cordelia teaches yoga to all, from granddaughter to grandmother, her dharma is to make yoga popular! Inversions and dynamic flows are her speciality, making people feel alive and bringing the inner child to the surface for us all! Cordelia runs weekly community classes both in person and online, plus inversion workshops for adults and teen. She also holds blissful retreats in the U.K. and other destinations.

Find Cordelia at, and @busymumsyoga and @busymumsos on Instagram.

Cordelia & Urban Veda:

I was looking for products that were naturally derived, reasonable sourced and were of an extremely high quality! I was delighted to find Urban Veda they are that and so much more!!! Urban Veda have brought a feeling of luxury to my Self care routine, I feel like I’m having a full spa experience whenever I use their product, the smells are pure bliss. They are beautiful souls to work with. I’m so grateful for our connection and so excited for our future collaborations.

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Emma Newlyn

About Emma:

Emma is a 500hr qualified Yoga teacher, writer, Ayurvedic & holistic therapist, musician and cook. Having grown up surrounded by Yoga and meditation, Emma began her practice at a young age and has a deep connection to Ayurveda. Emma currently teaches regularly in Sussex and co-leads 200hr teacher trainings. Emma is the founder of the Modern Ayurveda in-person and online training courses, and runs UK and international retreats and workshops. She specialises in teaching ancient wisdom in an accessible way, and giving Ayurvedic and Holistic coaching sessions to help women find their own unique state of health and wellbeing. 

Find Emma at and @emmanewlynyoga on Instagram. 

Emma & Urban Veda:

I absolutely love collaborating with Urban Veda! They’ve been so generous and thoughtful when providing goodie bags for my retreats and training courses, and I’m always so proud to share their wonderful products. Their range of products suited to each dosha is such a brilliant idea, and I personally use them all the time at home too. My students and clients are always so happy with the products, and I know lots of them have gone on to become dedicated Urban Veda followers!

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Fizz Yasin

About Fizz:

Fizz Yasin is a lover of life, joy bringer, tree hugger and a best friend to all. Growing up with Ayurvedic roots in her family, Fizz has always been connected to nature through her healing journey. Specialising in vinyasa flow & healthcare specific yoga in ayurveda, cardiac, rehab, cancer and sleep recovery, kids/teens & transformational meditation. Her practice stemmed from health challenges as a child – being born with a complex rare form of congenital heart disease. Fizz has pushed all odds to create a fulfilling life for herself and is a spreader of happiness to all, as she believes that everyone has a gift – their ‘fizz’ for life (Dharma) to be found. Through Fizz’s yoga classes, motivational speeches, nutrition workshops ( Fizz is also a Registered Associate Nutritionist), Retreats and Her Podcast ‘Find Your Fizz’ – available on all podcasting platforms, she shares her belief that whatever we learn from yoga on the mat, we take off the mat and spread it to the wider community. Through daily rituals and real purposeful living – Fizz believes everyone has ‘Fizz’ a spark of magic to share with others and hers is her gift to teach – many communities.
Find out more about Fizz: ,, @happyheartflow on socials.

Fizz & Urban Veda:

Our skin is our protective shield for our whole body – I’ve truly believed in one ayurvedic philosophy when I think about skincare – “if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin”. When I came across Urban Veda, I instantly fell in love with their ethos and the natural herbal ingredients that they use in their products. Each of their ranges have a beautiful inclusive approach to them, which is so powerful as we are all unique – as told by the story of our Doshas. I am so grateful to share their gifts with my community and grateful to have found my lifelong skincare brand that truly makes me find my fizz when using their products.

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Molly Anne Chinner

About Molly:

Molly is a yoga and meditation teacher, and sound healer, living and working in North London. With a deep love for creating magic, Molly’s classes are soulful, playful and creative, exploring the union of body, mind and breath by guiding awareness deeper within. Drawing from the traditional energetic and elemental systems inspired by her study with teachers Shiva Rae, Talia Sutra and Meghan Currie expect a blissful flow of spirited movement and, of course, music!

Find Molly at @mollyannechinner on Instagram. 

Molly & Urban Veda:

Urban Veda are a brand after my own heart. A country lass living in the big smoke I often find myself feeling bogged down or choked up by the fast pace of city living. After discovering Urban Veda I felt I could bring a little more mindfulness and ancient magic to my daily skincare rituals. I especially love the soothing facial cream and nourishing oil. My skin has never been happier!

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Puja Vashisht

About Puja:

Puja is a qualified Yoga teacher and Ayurvedic Practitioner. British born and bred with Indian heritage, Puja grew up with Yoga and Ayurveda but without connecting the dots. When she started studying Ayurveda, she realised some of the reasons for the traditions and mysteries behind her culture. Some but not all because the Vedic sciences are simply so vast. Through empowering her clients though workshops and consultations, Puja believes that Ayurveda and Yoga can bring priceless improvements in quality of life, for mind, body and soul. It is not about ‘demystifying’ Yoga & Ayurveda, it is about getting to know yourself.

Find Puja on Instagram @wellnesscoach_pujaveda, Facebook @pujaveda or website coming soon.

Puja & Urban Veda:

I stumbled across Urban Veda a few years ago when I was looking for vegan products. They had me at the first facewash! Not only was the smell incredible but the products suited my skin. Our values align and I believe that good energy attracts good energy. I recommend them to my clients and I am so excited to be working with them. The team are professional, empathetic, and quite simply, good eggs.

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Simone Dyer

About Simone:

Simone is fully immersed in the work of wellness, this goes beyond just her work and begins with her own lifestyle. Simone is a mother guide, birth keeper/doula & an intuitive energy & bodyworker. As an extension of her work and passion for how our biography lives in our biology she also shares her experience & wisdom through guiding groups and one to one sessions, exploring meditation, mindfulness and ways to know ‘self’ in a deeper, more connected way. Simone also holds Cacao communions and works with those committed to their own personal development and healing. Her intention is to always hold a safe, heart led space where you leave feeling nourished, inspired and empowered.

Find Simone at and @themostsacredjourney on social media. Or get in touch at 

Simone & Urban Veda:

It was always important to me that any brand I worked with was in line with my own values and of course that of my business. Working with UV feels like building community, they have been a great support and have provided beautiful quality products and goodie bags for some of my group work sessions/retreats as well as for me to use with my clients for treatments. I love working with UV, the team are all such kind souls, they are attentive, readily available and professional, honestly couldn’t ask for more really! Looking forward to the future. Thank you!

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Your Free Yoga

About Your Free Yoga

At Your Free Yoga we believe in making yoga accessible, enjoyable, and educational. We don’t want you to merely ‘go through the motions’, our passion is for you to want to do a yoga class, want to learn about yoga and want to be part of our Yoga community. 

We started Your Free Yoga to give everyone a Free way to practice yoga and become stronger, healthier and more confident. We look forward to seeing you on your journey soon.

Find Your Free Yoga at: and @yourfreeyoga on Instagram.

Your Free Yoga & Urban Veda:

Urban Veda has given Your Free Yoga courses and workshops an extra dimension, Yoga and Ayurveda are so closely linked through philosophy and history that we are able to give our Yogis space and time to think a little deeper about how they live their lives.